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If you are a partnership expert, an executive or a business leader with experience in partnership management, and have a content you think would be valuable to our audience, you are welcome to write for us.

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If your article is ready, you can send it to us using this form. If you are still thinking about your article and would like to have our opinion before writing it, you can send us a short pitch at pitch@partnershipsinsights.tech
Please keep in mind that your article should be an original article which is not already published anywhere else. We recommend that you read the guidelines below before submitting your article.


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  • You will need to provide a personal bio with your article submission.
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Submissions Not Accepted
  • Articles that have already been published elsewhere
  • Articles less than 1000 words
  • We prefer these types of Articles: How-to, Case study, Topic research, Personal experience or story, Problem/solution, Checklist.
  • Articles should be about some facet of Partnership in Tech industry.
  • You must provide an engaging title/headline
  • Please split your content up with relevant sub-headings
  • Use short paragraphs so that it is easy to read
  • Your article must not be copied (in full or in part) from another website, article, book or any source which has copyright
  • Your article must be over 1000 words in length
  • Please keep the tone analytical and conversational.
  • The use of videos, photos, screenshots and other visual content is encouraged.
  • Please do not submit an article that is published somewhere else.
  • Include references to any data, statistics or research that you use (including links to the source)
  • We reserve the right to edit submissions for accuracy, clarity, grammar or style. We rarely edit them heavily, but we may add/change titles and subheadings, correct grammar and spelling etc.