Would you like to know more about Partner Manager salaries in Tech? This article should be able to help you. But before going into detail, let’s first review the compensation structure.

Compensation structure of Partner Managers

Most of the Partner Managers have a compensation package consisting of base salary and commissions. The split between base salary and commission ranges from 50/50 (50% basic and 50% commission) to 90/10 (90% basic and 10% commission). Some companies pay their Partner Manager 100% in base salary, but this is quite rare.

It is also important to keep in mind that the distribution between the base salary and commission often depends on the type of managed partners (System Integrator, reseller, ISV…), the company’s policy, the type of solution, etc…

Obviously, the payment of these commissions is linked to the achievement of certain objectives, which may be quantitative or qualitative:

Example of quantitative objectives

  • Revenue generated by partners
  • The number of opportunities brought back by partners
  • The opportunities that partners have helped to close
  • Number of successful projects by partners
  • Number of certifications
  • Etc…

Example of qualitative objectives

  • Partner Onboarding
  • Partner training
  • Joint marketing
  • Etc…

The study on Partner Manager salary

This study was conducted and published by ABP in 2019. You will discover the salaries of Partner Managers by country,  and role. This is just an extract. If you want to receive the full report please contact Alliances Best Practice.

Average Partner Manager Salary by Country


Country Basic Bonus
BeNeLux 100 – 125K 25 – 50K
Canada 150 – 200K 50 – 75K
DACH 125 – 150K 0 – 25K
EMEA 75 – 100K 75 – 100K
FRANCE 100 – 125K 50 – 75K
GERMANY 100 – 125K 25 – 50K
GLOBAL 150 – 200K 50 – 75K
INDIA 50 – 75K 25 – 50K
LATAM 50 – 75K 75 – 100K
SPAIN 75 – 100K 0 – 25K
UK 125 – 150K 50 – 75K
USA 150 – 200K 25 – 50K

Average Salary by role


Role Basic Bonus
VP of Alliances/Partnerships More than 200K 75 – 100K
Senior Manager Alliances 100 – 125K 25 – 50K
Partner Sales Director 100 – 125K 25 – 50K
Alliances/Partnership Manager 100 – 125K 0 – 25K
Alliances/Partnership Director 150 – 200K 25 – 50K
Head of Partner Ecosystem 125 – 150K 50 – 75K
Director, Partner Program Strategy 150 – 200K 25 – 50K

The role of the Partner Manager is becoming more and more important within Tech companies and this is great news. But not all Tech companies value this role equally. There are still significant gaps between hardware and SaaS companies. It would therefore be interesting to see how compensation will evolve over the next few years in comparison to other roles and among different types of Tech companies.